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Here you can purchase accessories and products that complement your stove, and spare parts to keep them running at their optimum performance.

Summer Sale

Now that summer is here, why not take this time to revamp your stove and hearth with some of our amazing sale offers, with up to 40% off some of our accessories we feel sure you will find something to put a smile on your face, even if the weather doesn’t.


These sale discounts only apply to online purchases.

Everything but the Stove

Fireplace accsories

We stock specialist stove accessories from our "Everything but the Stove" range of fireside tools, cast iron, glass and steel plinths, axes, hatchets, log stores and many more accessories.

This exclusive selection has been especially chosen for outstanding quality and design.

Glass tool accessorie set
Log storage accessorie
Log storage accessorie tool set
Glass fire gaurdAccessorie tool set

Plinths & Hearths

Hearths and plinths

If you are purchasing a stove, it is worth your while to consider puchasing a decorative hearth or plinth. A beautiful and functional stove deserves a matching base and our plinths and hearths come in beautiful glass and cast iron.

Granite Plinth
 Granite Plinth

Ash Vacuums

Ash Vacuums

To clean a fireplace, built-in wood burner or multifuel stove, using a dustpan and brush is the sure way to fill the whole room with dust.

Vacuum cleaners alone are equally unsuitable. With a normal vacuum cleaner the bag or waste compartment is usually too small to hold the ash, and quickly gets filled.

When clogged up, the pressure drop can move the bag back so that ashes get into the motor. With an upright or bagless cleaner, the pressure is too high, totally blocking the filter with ash, the vacuum cleaner loses power and the cartridge filter is only fit for the bin.

Hwam Installation Accessories

Hwam wood bucket

Installation accessories such as external air supply kits, flue blanking plates, stove stands and plinths.

Log Storage

Log Store

The Euroheat log store was designed in the U.K. to encourage nature to naturally dry freshly sawn timber.  Log stores can be joined together side by side or back to back.  Options include a weather shield and cedar shingle roof.

20% is the maximum water content for efficient wood burning; a Euroheat moisture meter will measure the water content in your wood.  Double Log storesWeather shiledCedar single roofWood log moisture meter

Axes and Hatchets

Axes and hatchets The Euroheat range of Firepoint wood processing axes are the finest available. The axes and hatchets are superbly balanced, making wood cutting both pleasurable and as safe as possible.

HatchetThe axe handles are available in fine grain hickory for the traditionalist, or carbon for the technocrat, but both are attached to the axe head with a bolted clamping system, allowing the head to be removed easily.

 Felling Axe head
Heavy Splitting Axe HeadScandinavian Splitting Axe Head
German Style Splitting Axe 

Installation Accessories

Conventional Flue pipe

At Euroheat we have a wide range of installation accessories specially chosen to ensure the correct installation of stoves and boilers.

The range includes conventional single wall flue pipe for connection between your stove and chimney.

Balanced twin wall flue pipe for our range of balance flue stoves. Chimney cowls purposely chosen to assist with correct stove operation. Electrical controls for use with boiler stoves. Oil installation equipment to help ensure safe and correct operation of oil stoves.

Spare Parts System

Spare Parts

Euroheat stove and boiler spare parts system.

Euroheat are unique in offering such an extensive online part identification and purchase ability.